Friday, January 06, 2006

Some much yarn, so little time

My stash is now officially taking over my life. It's true. I'll never have enough time to knit everything I want to knit. So, in the interest of efficiency, I have decided to teach myself how to knit continental style. In the meantime, I do have one project on the needles and am making plans to cast on for a second one. On the needles right now is a simple feather and fan afghan. Why you say? Because lace knitting has been my evil nemesis to date, confounding me and foiling my plans to knit beautiful things. So I figured, why not take a step back and choose something very simple on large needles to grasp the rudimentary concepts. So far so good. Don't laugh at the yarn choice. It's really not so very hot and not what I would choose for most projects but I wanted this to be functional. To me, that means DH can machine wash it and not turn it into a nice placemat. History is behind me on this because he has turned two pairs of socks into booties. Once payday hits, my plan is to run gleefully to the store and purchase two pairs of size 3 24" circulars so I can cast on for my socks. I'm trying this pattern that allows you to work both socks at once toe up. I don't get why socks are so intimidating so the whole toe up thing didn't appeal to me as much as the two at the same time thing did. It's almost too much for my overcaffeinated self to handle. 'Scuse me while I knit for a bit!

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