Sunday, January 22, 2006

I'm finishing my asymetrical sweater today!

I'm so psyched! My asymetrical sweater is almost done and I should be able to finish it today. I'll modify the post later with a picture. It has knit up very quickly! In my official opinion, Teva Durham is a knitting genius. This sweater has been fun and quick to knit but it has also been educational for me. How she came up with the shaping, particularly of piece 2 in the side seam, is very unique. I hope to have enough yarn left over to make another gauge swatch hat for afghans for Afghans. As usual, I over-ordered since I subscribe to the "buy an extra skein, you won't regret it" theory of yarn sourcing. Right now, I have so many projects on tap and so many I want to do. I wrote a list out this week and I was surprised at how long the list was. The next project of priority is finishing my Picovoli top for the KAL with the Sexy Knitters Club. After that, well, it's just a toss up. Maybe I'll write all the projects down on a strip of paper; place them in a hat, and draw them out to put a priority order to them. Then again, maybe I'll force DH and the kids to learn to knit and do my knit project bidding for me.

As you can see, I've finished! Yeah! Ignore the hair and white bra peeking through. It's Sunday and that means I have a free pass on bad hair and poor foundation garment choice. Everyone does. It's an unwritten rule, kind of like yielding to other shopping carts when exiting an aisle. Carts on the end have the right of way. :-)


Yarn It said...

It looks great! I love Teva Durham's designs also and her book is amazing. What yarn did you use for your sweater? I knitted one for my daughter in Misty Alpaca and have been debating knitting one for me also...I think I will after seeing yours!

knitncycle said...

Hi! Thanks! I used Sierra yarn in coal. It's a bulky weight alpaca from I think I used 7 skeins. They have a yarn calculator for this project on their website but it is off on the yardage so you might want to calculate the yardage needed for your size beforehand if you order from them. Good luck!