Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ommmm, Ommmmm, Grrrrr, Grrrrr

Sigh. Where to begin? This has been a long summer for me and for the kids. Here we are now with school beginning next week! Tonight we went to meet their teachers. Yay! I really hope they have great teachers. They seem very nice. This week seems to have been jam packed with landmines. On Sunday, my neighbor inadvertently sprayed my husbands' truck with paint. Yeah. That was a joy to wake up to. Of course he sweared up and down he would take care of it. So, I had a truck detail guy come by and clay bar and buff it out and put a new protective coat on. The total damage was $200.00. Much less than a new paint job. Instead of honoring their responsibility to pay, my neighbor is now refusing to pay. Lovely. F***ing assholes! Sorry. I normally try to keep this blog clean but right now I am livid. Just livid. Now, I have the money to cover this repair but that's not really the point. If my neighbor had been responsible and asked me to move my vehicles before painting, we could have avoided this whole mess. Instead, he got paint on our truck. Now, he doesn't want to own up to the responsibility of paying for his mistake. His wife had the audacity to act angry and pissy with me! Uh, hello! Not my fault!!! This has just got to be the universe testing me. I'm trying to transition to a vegan diet and get more in touch with myself etc etc. Why is it that when you try to get all spiritual every crapbutt thing in the world happens to completely piss you off? Now, a lesser me would say screw it all and munch on some cheese toast and down some wine while grousing away. The trying to be spiritual me is still going to grouse (hey I'm pissed what can I say?) but I'll avoid the dairy and wine. I wish I had the wine. I'll just make a vegan curry instead and drink some green tea. Then, I'll knit a bit and think about all the reasons that this, while unjust, is truly just an annoyance. There are bigger things to feel indignant and upset over. This just isn't worth the energy. Lest you think I'm all negative, let me throw some positives in there. I got my sockapalooza pal's socks and they are so lovely!!! Thanks Amy H! I love the rain hat as well! I have to send a thanks out to Alison of Blue blog who organizes this whole thing. You rock girlfriend! Oh, side note to Sam, hope you are doing better and getting ready for your vacation! It's been sort of crazy here. I'm seriously considering a potential destash sale on ebay. I've acquired more than I can knit. The big question is what would I part with? I have issues letting go of stuff. Pack rat-itis runs in my family. I promise some pics on the next post. Ones of my beautiful sock pal socks; my Fifi in progress; my somewhat cowl in progress, and my crochet blanket in progress. You get the idea. Lots of stuff in progress. Must force children to learn to knit and do my bidding! Alas, they show no interest. So, I"d better get on that curry and bust out some yoga and meditate. It's the only thing that's holding me back from making a mad dash to the store for some wine and cheese. I still haven't ruled out the wine. Butthead neighbors. Till next time, Alicia