Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finally here!

Okay, so, I took some pics of our house in Texas in all its' chaos during the move. Our house here in Kansas is still in chaos but we're slowly making heads or tails of it all. We arrived here to snow and freezing temperatures! See how glad I am that I know how to knit?! No shortage of warm knitted clothing around here. Once I get the craft room in order, I"ll be posting my done stuff more regularly. I do have a few things I managed to get done that I'll post about week after next. Why that long? Well, because I fly out to NC tomorrow to help my sister with an unexpected move overseas. She's darn lucky I'm in "moving" mode!!! Hope everyone had happy holidays and a good new year! Till later, Alicia
P.S. These pics should be titled, " Why you seriously do not want to move over the holidays. Seriously."