Saturday, January 14, 2006

Closer Look

Here's a closer look at the hat I knit last night. This is actually the gauge swatch hat from Teva Durham's Corrugated Asymetrical V neck sweater in Loop d Loop. I love that book! This hat knit up very quickly in Knitpicks Sierra (color: coal). No, I didn't block it. I tend to leave hats and socks unblocked unless it just must be blocked. Probably lazy of me but that's what I do. Good thing Mrs Durham leaves this particular sweater unblocked. I'm going to enjoy knitting a sweater I don't have to block for a change.

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Stephanie said...

Cute hat - and yes, I love that book too! I'm going to tackle the Cashmere Lace Pullover in the next couple of months. Not out of cashmere, though - I'm not rich.

Email me and I'll tell you about the Spin CDs that were my class faves.