Sunday, May 21, 2006

Half full or half empty? Half full I say!

Ahh the ebb and flow of life. One step forward; one step back. Our a/c went out again and we just broke down and bought several fans and an inexpensive window unit since the temps were above 90 degrees. The a/c repair should be out here tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. Three FO's to call my own. Two one skein wonders done with kool aid dyed yarn. One fat bottom bag in Noro Kureyon #88 (I think)--see SnB crochet Happy Hooker. I love both patterns! They are quick and easy. Instant gratification. I'm still plugging away at my lace shawl and have a confession to make. I've been ignoring it. Don't get me wrong, once I'm knitting it, I enjoy it and am so happy I learned to do lace. It just feels like it's taking forever and I'm not a patient person. Technically, I could just start the edging now and have a nice shawlette but I'm feeling stubborn and don't know if I want to do that. So in the interest of compromise, I've decided to finish the skein of yarn I'm on and then maybe see if I want to do the edging. Until then, I need to find some way to avoid the siren song of other projects. You know the feeling. If I just put this down, I could whip this up in no time; have something really cool and get back to the forever project soon enough. This is what makes the forever project the forever project in the first place. What a viscious cycle!! On the couch painting front, I've got one down; one to go. They were previously ivory, a very stained ivory at that. I'm not beginning the next one till the air is fixed due to the humidity in the house. Ignore the pillows, I'll be recovering those shortly (as in next weekend)and promise a full before and after set of pics. Till next time!


Michelle said...

I ADORE the one skein wonder shrug. Very cool. I am now wondering how I can do that amongst all my other projects. I too am being called by the siren of other projects. Hold firm and don't let them get you. ;)

Lea said...

The couch looks great! I must admit that I had my doubts when you told me you were painting the couches but I'm a believer now! I also love your blog - it makes me feel closer to you. I just wish I could read it "over there."

Love you,

mrspao said...

The couches look great!

Jeanie said...

Your OSW's look fantastic! And I'm totally in love with your bed!!!