Sunday, May 21, 2006

The death of a shawl

Why didn't I trust my instincts and cut a new, longer lifeline? I'll tell you why. I was overconfident. Yes sir, I believed I had it down pat at this point and wouldn't make a mistake in the final repeat before I did the edging. Hah! How foolish!!! I looked down to admire my handiwork only to find that not only had I made a mistake but I had lost part of my lifeline as well. In vain I tried desperately to locate the stitches necessary to pick up once I frogged back but it was no use. I was hopelessly lost. So I frogged the whole dang thing. That shawl had the audacity to break a few times too. I'll start over but not until at least June 15th. Why June 15th? Because it'll take me two weeks to get over the case of the red ass I got from making such a stupid mistake. Should've, should've...paid more attention, cut a longer lifeline instead of being a cheapy and trying to reuse the previous one just one more time. Grrrrr! What next? I'm not sure but I'm thinking Squash Blossom. (see pic above)I like it. I have the yarn and it's summery. Maybe I'll go do a gauge swatch now. It'll make me feel better!

Okay, I did the gauge swatch for Squash Blossom. I need bigger needles which I've ordered. So in the meantime, I spent the weekend sewing nine, yes nine, pillows and a wall hanging. Picture to follow soon. I don't care to sew that much ever again in one weekend. I couldn't have done it without Mom and the wine she brought. Okay, I didn't drink the wine while I sewed, I drank after! I've cast on for a cotton throw for the couch too. I've decided to do my own thing and not follow a pattern. Hopefully it'll come out okay. I'm sort of keeping track of what I'm doing so when I'm done, I'll post about it. DH is helping me make a duct tape double dress form next weekend. Yeah!!! If all goes smoothly, I should finish up the crocheted car coat I'm working on this week. I'll confess that I something doesn't seem quite right about it. I hope that's not the case since frogging this yarn would be next to impossible. Till next time! Alicia


mrspao said...

A duct tape double dress?????

Jeanie said...

Let me know if you have any questions on the duct tape "mini me" dress form! My advice in advance would be to take a deep breath before he starts taping you up to make sure you have room to breath after it's on you -- it will NOT expand to allow you to breath if you don't. You'll realize what I'm talking about once you get started.

I like the summery top too! And so so so sorry to hear about the shawl fiasco -- what a drag!

Vanessa said...

Squash Blossom is very pretty! May I know where is this pattern from?