Sunday, August 19, 2012

A prelude to a....Spartan race!

Feet flying over rocks and dirt. The sound of my breathing attracts stares as I pass the walkers that dot the trail around the lake. With my pink cheeks, voluptuous butt and tattoos, I run without the natural grace that some possess. I think I might look downright scary. But, I cannot stop. The old cadence rings in my head from my old Army days, "pick 'EM up; put 'EM down!". That's what I think when I want to stop. 7 miles later I was truly done. 7 miles. It's good. I'm proud but I need more. On November 18th, I have to give more. 12 miles and 25+ obstacles worth of more. Lazy me balks at this challenge but the girl who had to show she could must complete this race. What does your inner self compel you to do?