Saturday, October 13, 2007

Out golfing

Yep, I've been knitting, spinning and crocheting. I've also been golfing. I took a beginners clinic in September and October. I suck but I like it. I even have a set of (cheap) clubs and a (expensive) pair of golf shoes. So, I'll post a pic this afternoon/late evening with my log cabin afghan that I finished. Yay! I love it! I'm almost done with my Somewhat Cowl and hope to finish it this weekend. I'm planning on sewing and embroidering a pair of gauchos to go with it. No, I don't care if the gaucho is out of fashion. For us pear shaped gals, the gaucho is a classic friend which should never go away. Skinny pants, on the other hand, are our bitchy arch nemesis sent here to make us look huge. Take heed curvy ladies, skinny pants are not your friend. They will make your thighs look huge and your hips even huger. Who let those things come back into fashion anyway and how much do they hate women with hips? If you don't know, Kristi of Red Dog Knits is shutting down blog shop. I'm going to miss her. Really, I do understand. She's got so much going on not to mention two little babies. How she kept it going so long I don't know. So, stop by and wish her a fond farewell. She and her hubby have set up a family blog so we can keep abreast of her boys' growth. Bookmark it cuz those boys are cute cute cute!!!! Well, my mom has arrived with breakfast in hand so I"m going to run eat. Later ya'll!

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mrspao said...

Oh that is sad news about Red Dog Knits.

I have to ask what gaucho pants are!!! Are they like plus fours (worn here for golfing..)