Friday, September 07, 2007

Because I'm not a total sour puss!

As promised, here are some pictures of knitting stuff! First, these are my socks from Amy H., my sock pal! Thanks so much for the beautiful socks! I've worn them several times and they hold up to machine washing and drying beautifully! I'm pretty rough on socks so the ability to hold up in the wash was really important to me. I've finished my Fifi for the Sexy Knitters club KAL. I loved working on this top even though I had to frog it twice because I was on the fence on size. Then, I failed to cast on enough underarm stitches so had to rip back and correct that. It was a great learning experience and I highly recommend it. My somewhat cowl is close to finished and I can't wait. I ripped the bind off out to add length. I'll either do a tubular double rib bind off or a suspended bind off. Suspended is quicker but not as elastic. It's probably better to take the time to do the tubular. Sigh. I'm also crocheting a lapghan. Yep, it's acrylic. Any blankie in my house better be machine washable AND dryable. I'd love to do one in a luxury yarn one day but honestly, it would likely get ruined. Still, I'll give a review of the yarn I"m using which happens to be Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand. The price is reasonable at $2.00 per ball and about 220 yards. It's fairly soft and comes in a range of "grown up" colors. I'm finding it a bit splitty but not to the point where it's difficult to work with. As far as pilling, I'll have to let you know after I've laundered it a bit. The pattern I'm using is from Vanna White's new afghan book which complements the yarn line. The only modification I made was to use 4 colors instead of 5. In good news, the man next door paid up. Apparently it's just his wife who is a complete heifer. Really, she was angry with him and not me. Still, whatever. Oh, even better news, I got my ravelry invite yesterday!!!!! I spent half of the day on there. I still have more stash to enter. It's really neat and well worth the wait for the invite. Later! Alicia
PS I threw in a pic of some roving I spun up. I'll get the info on where I got it put up on next post. It's a merino/tencel blend and the colorway is called banded iguana. Thank you Lime and Violet for enabling me to get that.


mrspao said...

Glad to hear that the man next door honoured his promise. Your knitting looks great!


Thanks for all great pictures... and sharing them with us !
Why don't you visit me ?

Channon said...

Thanks for your kind words about Fred. And give Tofutsies a try. It's a great little yarn that is machine wash/dry.