Monday, November 20, 2006

Mom says it's like Mork and Mindi

That's what my Mom said about my pants. She took the photo so you won't be regaled with fuschia thighs but if you look at the hip area you definitely get the idea!!! In other news, I've whipped up some more washcloths. I totally prefer to crochet these. It's way way faster and I like the texture. The teal sweater is my own pattern, if you can even say that because it's ridiculous basic and simple. Still, I'm learning from each of my own knits and that's what's important. My Mom is here for Thanksgiviing so I'm super happy about that. She's helping me get organized which is very nice. Apparently, I'm not very organized. I prefer to think I'm just overwhelmed with projects right now! Oh, since my sister said I wasn't updating my blog nearly enough I am pledging to do better!!! Must throw in gratuitous cute kid shots for the family. Love you guys! Till later, Alicia

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mrspao said...

That photo is hysterical! Thank goodness you got another pair - you might have caused accidents on the piste!!!