Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crazy is as crazy does....

Wow. Somedays, that's all that really goes through my mind. I've been wondering lately why I'm so very sensitive or if the world actually is being taken over by people who are just plain nuts. Why would I say such a thing? I'll tell you why! In the past two weeks, between tailgaters, rude people, and crazy landlords I'm so freakin' done with it all! Now, I know that there are folks out there who follow too close and on occasion I've done it myself, but when you are in a school zone and heading to drop off your kids at school please don't drive so close to me that you could be sitting in the third row seating of my car. This really tends to tick me off. Not so much the driving that close, (well, okay that too) but the fact that if I weren't in front of you, you'd be speeding through a school zone. As a Mom, that makes me friggin' crazy!!! I really thought that that was seeing it all. I was wrong when yesterday I witnessed a driver tailgating a police officer. What??? Maybe I need more chutzpah. Never in a million could I do that. Then, in my thrift store shopping spree, there was the employee who literally grabbed an item out of my hands and said she'd "chosen" it already. I was so stunned I was speechless. Finally, the icing on the cake was the air conditioner going out. As of right this instant, I'm still waiting on someone to call me to come fix it. Our landlords are so proactive!! Okay, enough of my rant but thanks for letting me "go there"! On to bigger and better things. My sister recently sent me some "just because" gifts from overseas and they rock!!! I love love love them so I've put up some pics. In the interim, I've finished a crochet project I had going on from some yarn that had been sitting in my stash for over a year. I'm participating in the stashalong and let me tell you, going without purchasing yarn for three months is like getting a root canal on a daily basis. DH will be glad though because it will allow me to use up the ginormous stash I have. Today I hit the Goodwill and got some new with tags on swimsuit bottoms. I'm planning on crocheting a cotton top to wear with them as a swimsuit. I also scored a Dana Buchman short sleeve 100% cashmere top for five dollars. Can't wear it in this heat but I'll be busting it out in the fall for sure. Tomorrow we are headed to Seaworld so I'm really looking forward to it. I need a break!

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mrspao said...

Have fun on your break! Love the photos.

PS Your postcard is now on its way to you :) I hope you like it.