Friday, March 31, 2006

What a week!

This has been such a crazy week! Between astronomical water bills and baseball practice, it's a wonder I'm still standing. It all started with the water bill. We had a leak last month. Leaks are the work of the devil, let me tell you. $200 poorer, the leak is fixed and the water bill is paid. Still, I called the utility company to make sure they double checked that bill. Of course they did and the nice lady told me how to check the meter myself to make sure we weren't still having a leak issue. So, still sweaty from my workout and donning flipflops, I trotted up and down the street in search of our water meter. I had no luck and succeeded only in looking like a mess while possibly muttering "evil bastards" during my search. DH later found it and everything's okay. Fast forward to Brandon (aka the little guy) and his t-ball practice. I got everyone dressed, fed, loaded up and off to the ballfield in record time. I should have known it was too good to be true. For 30 minutes, I had that child practicing with the wrong team. Of course, no hole was available to jump into to die of embarrassment in. On the upside, I did a pretty nice job of coloring my hair yesterday. See, a ray of sunshine no matter what! I got some pretty neat gifts in the mail from my sister and will post a pic a bit later!


mrspao said...

You could always tell the other mothers that he was on a reconnaissance mission :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me crochet resources!!! So thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!