Thursday, February 16, 2006

Knitter Down! Knitter Down!

After many mathematical calculations, numerous cast ons and frogs, I have to admit the agony of defeat. Ene's has whupped me. Big time. I thought I had it figured out. I really did. Actually, I almost did. One side was right. The other was off causing me to want to pound my head against the wall in frustration. What the heck was I thinking when I decided to tackle that? However, in the spirit of those athletes who fail to take home a medal, I've come up with a game plan to prepare for my next round with Ene. I signed up with Needlecraft University for an online lace shawl knitting tutorial. I'm also planning on buying a couple of lace knitting books. Lace knitters of the world, if you know some good ones, let me know. I'll have another go at Ene. She hasn't beat me entirely, only temporarily. Until then, I'm scaling back. I'm going to cast on for a lace scarf from Lavish Lace called Ocean Moods. It's a smaller project with a much simpler design. I think I can finish this in time for the end of the KO. It just won't be the same though. *Sigh.* Oh, Sandy J, you caught me! I'm too cheap to buy a skein winder as well!! I'm always meaning to but it takes away from the yarn budget. Which is crazy because I'm up to my elbows in yarn right now. Funny, I'm always wanting more. I know, I'll ask my Mom to get me one for my birthday!


sandy j said...

Good luck with your new project. My friend let me look at her copy of Lavish Lace and all the projects in there are beautiful.

Mandella said...

Well, you gave it your best shot at the moment, and it will get better you know. I think your plan to improve the lace is excellent.

As almost all of us have abandoned, I'm thinking of trying to have a go-slow-and-no-pressure knitalong when we've all got over it. What do you think?

And have fun with the new project.

knitncycle said...

Hi! Thanks Sandy J and Mandella! I love the idea of a no pressure KAL! Hopefully this project will work out better for me. :) Alicia