Monday, April 16, 2012

वही अल थे हते फॉर मोम्स?

Okay, first it was Hilary Rosen and of course, Bill Maher had to pile on. I get it, you guys think that women who stay at home and raise their kids are lazy, out of touch morons. I don't dispute that Ann Romney can't relate to the family who is hurting financially. She probably doesn't know what it means to not be able to afford the field trip or food for your family. If these two birds wanted to make that point, I could have respected their opinion. Hell, I might have even agreed with it. What I cannot agree with, however, is the notion that women who do not work outside of the home are somehow less in touch or even lazy! Let me call it like it is folks: Bullshit! I've been a working mom and a stay at home mom. Both choices have their merits, their challenges and their rewards. I've know working moms who deserve mother of the year. There organization and nuturing leaves me in awe. I've known stay at home moms who make me feel the same way. I've also seen moms in both categories who really suck as parents and frankly, as women. As a woman who has done both, I am more than qualified to put my two cents in. So, my dear Ms Rosen and my dear Mr Maher, each of you are uninformed, divisive jackasses. When I worked, I understood the pressures of childcare and worklife balance. You see, I was active duty military along with my husband. You don't want to know the delicate juggling act that entailed. I worked for some years in the civilian sector and continued to juggle. For personal reaons, my husband and I decided it would be great if I could stay home. We sat down with our budget, made some hard choices and did without so I could do that. My ability to stay home was not a luxury. For several years, I fed our family of four on not more than $360 per month. We didn't have nights out because we couldn't afford a sitter. Believe me, at times I would have welcomed a day at the office. You see, Mr Maher, moms don't get to call in sick. We have deadlines that don't disappear. I've dealt with teenage and preteen attitude that would make the nuttiest coworker seem tame. I'm glad I've been able to pursue both paths. What I am sick of is folks like you who seek to divide women in the most personal way. The value of a woman lies not in whether she chooses or is even able to stay home with her children, it lies in her character, her spirit and her heart. Attacking a woman for choosing to raise her children as a sole pursuit is so base and pathetic.