Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dumb tv rocks!!!

Confession time: I love the World's Dumbest on Tru TV. I feel like a friggin' genius every time I watch it. So, the next time you are feel a little less than fabulous, I'd highly recommend that you watch it or something like it. On the needles, I"m finishing up my Primavera wrap from Virtual Yarns. Yep, that's by Alice Starmore. Love her! And yes, it's been on my needles for three years. I've gotten sidetracked. On the sewing machine, I just cut a Vogue pattern by Kay Unger. It's a great sheath dress that I hope will look fab when I'm done with it. Once I figure out where the heck I left my camera charger, you'll get the photo! Till then, take it easy!

1 comment:

mrspao said...

Oh yes, we do need photos :)

Sounds like you've been busy but I know you are a smart lady :)