Saturday, July 14, 2007

The week of Mondays

This past week has been like Monday repeating itself over and over again. You know those kind of weeks. The kind where you can't manage to be on time even when you get up early; the kind when the car just seems to suck up gas like water in the desert; where no matter how much you clean the house is dirty in the next two minutes. It's just been that kind of week. Whatever. Last night I watched the season premiere for Monk and for Psych. I love those shows. I have to say of the two, I enjoyed Psych more. Not that Monk was bad, I just really loved Psych. My feelings have been a bit on my sleeve lately so it just felt like such a relief to just laugh. Laughter helps after a week of some expected disappointment that stung a lot more than I thought it would. My husband sent me a great email that made me feel so much better. My sister was also a great encouragement too. Happy Anniversary to my hubby! 10 years and we're still going! I love you hon!! My cousin and her daughter are coming to visit next week so I really must clean my house. Hopefully it will stay clean. Yeah, right! In knitting news, I've completed my pals first sock and am past the heel in the second. My goal is to get it done by Sunday. I've got the Somewhat Cowl on the needles and have done my gauge swatch for Fifi. Now to cast on for Fifi. Did I mention that I love Rowan Calmer?? I do. I love it so much I've composed an letter to it. Here goes:

Oh Calmer, I love your Rowan-y goodness. I'll confess I was skeptical and did not believe in your sproingyness. Indeed you are the most sproingy wonderful yarn ever. You, Calmer, are like a marshmellow without any stickiness. You're spongy, soft and surprisingly fun to knit with. Why, dear Calmer, must you cost $11.95 usd per ball? Why? Don't realize I must knit with you and can only afford discontinued colors on sale? Please consider lowering your cost to $9.00 per skein! BTW, I know that I can get you for $9 usd per skein but that's from overseas. Now, I'm not above ordering you from an overseas source but I lose that lovely discount with the cost of shipping. So, my dear Calmer, you must somehow consider making yourself available at discounted price in the US, where I happen to live. Also, do you think you could manage some tweed and heather selections? If not, I'll manage. You know I'll knit with you anyway even if I have to sell other belongings on ebay to do it. Sincerely, Alicia


mrspao said...

I've just discovered that you disappeared from my bloglines so I've now got masses of posts to catch up on - you must think I'm just rude for not commenting! I've not tried Calmer - I'm going to look the next time I'm in the shops.

Leigh said...

Hi Alicia. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am delighted that you want to try your hand at a rigid heddle loom. I have one of these, but have never used it, so I would love to see some photos. I have to warn you thought, that if you love yarn, you will probably love weaving as well!

knitncycle said...

Sam, I don't think you're rude at all! I've been blogging pretty infrequently with the kids home for summer! You must try Calmer. I love it! Leigh, I just finished getting my warp done. I hope to take some classes at some point!