Monday, June 12, 2006

Bloomers are for girls and some yarn is just crap

Oh my what a productive weekend I've had! I jumped right onto a pajama outfit I'd picked out to sew. Feeling ecletic and basically because it looked comfy, I picked out a junior pattern that was a baby doll shirt and bloomers. Big. Mistake. You know that nagging feeling you get that something just isn't going to turn out as you'd hoped? I should have paid attention. I had that feeling as I was sewing the top. Noting to myself that I looked like I was with child when I tried it on, I thought, "Well, maybe with the bloomers it'll all come together." I decided that the bloomers needed length because my butt hanging out is not my idea of cute or comfortable. Never ever lengthen bloomers. I looked like a cow caught in cotton flannel. Is it possible to look thirty pounds heavier? Oh yes, it absolutely is if you wear this outfit. At least I dissolved into hysterical laughter before I felt very much my age. Still, I'll wear the top to sleep in, maternity look and all. DH actually asked me not to even go out to check the mail in it. I sewed quite well. I just picked a doozy that's all. Add to that my crochet car coat disaster. I whipped it up as part of the stashalong. The yarn was LB colorwaves and I'd had it forever intending to make this coat. Let's just say it wasn't all I'd hoped; that I think colorwaves is craptastic and I'm not frogging it. Why not? Well, for starters it took too long to make. Also, I doubt the yarn could withstand the frogging, it barely withstood the crocheting. Plus, it does actually fit. It's just really ugly but I do see myself wearing it around the house to keep the chill out. Just never ever in public or around guests. In mason dixon warshrag news, I've finished another washrag. Oh how I love that pattern. I'm going to have a whole drawerful by the time I'm done. What next? I'm deciding today but I know for sure that I've got the following on tap:

Nosegay Doily challenge from a fellow cp'er (crochet list)
Shirts into aprons (Wardrobe Refashionista)
Tempting II (upcoming SKC KAL)
loads more warshrags
doing the gauge swatch and starting my own sweater
should I throw in socks? maybe I will!


mrspao said...

Socks - yay!!!

Baby doll - that is scary. The car coat isn't that bad - you could always dye it another colour?

Jeanie said...

Okay, I think that both the PJ's and the carcoat need to be modeled by you for this post.... you know.... so that we get the real "affect" of them.

Well, maybe not the PJ's but the car coat for sure!


Tracey said...

Alicia: Gadzooks, you're a busy lady!! I finally have one pic up of the Nosegay Doilyghan...I'm working on 2 of them at once (the Limon Sherbet and a white one), and the 2nd one is what is posted on my blog. I'm only 1/2way through rnd. 5, and it's going to look like an octopus, fyi. If you're making it for a baby, only ch 23 on each petal on rnd. 4--this eliminates a lot of the 'openness' that could cause an infant's limbs to get caught in it. Btw, I like your work!! It's fantastic!! --Tracey, at (fellow CPer)